Parking Lot Sweeping

Parking Lot Sweeping Services – The Right Way

Not all parking lot sweeping services are equal. Ask our clients.

The obvious difference between how we service our commercial locations throughout all of Western PA and the way in which other “sweeping companies” provide their service is noticeable instantly.

Most sweeping companies only want to run their sweeping machine over the parking lot as quickly as possible and move on to their next location. They do not pay attention to the details, and it shows.

Parking Lot Sweeping Western PA

Our service combines power sweeping, backpack blowing and hand sweeping to ensure the entire property looks its very best after every visit.

This includes sidewalks, corners,

curb lines, landscape areas, entrances, exists, back of buildings, dumpster areas, hillsides and more.

Also, if there are trash cans on site, we empty the trash cans, replace the liner, wipe down and disinfect the receptacle.

The busier the location, the more important it is for this service to be provided correctly, consistently and thoroughly at every visit. That is what our commercial parking lot sweeping service is every time, without exception.

More Than Just Keeping Parking Lots Clean

Regardless of the size or type of commercial property we service, we take the time at every visit to asses the location as a whole. We look for any issues, problems or safety hazards and then document and report them to the property manager.

Examples are graffiti, knocked over signs and bollards, abandoned cars, parking lot lights not functioning properly, trip hazards, pot holes, vandalism and anything ese that may stand out.

We take pictures and send texts and/or emails with details about what we have come across, where it is located on site and any other information we can add.

Our clients appreciate having an extra set of eyes and ears on the location and they are especially grateful that we are able to fix any of the issues or problems we come across.

Our clients often categorize our day porter service and parking lot sweeping service as one in the same. To read more about our Day Porter Service, click HERE